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Cracked screens can hamper your iPad experience; why not have it fixed before it completely takes over your screen.

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iPad Replacement Screen Phoenix

Did you know that your iPad can still function even if the screen is cracked? You can still work your way through the display screen, but it may be difficult to read the text on the screen. Getting a replacement is not cheap. Apple has based its fee on the model of the iPad. The most inexpensive screen replacement for an iPad is $199, and that’s the Mini. From there, it would go up to $599. So you are really in a bind once your screen has cracks and you want it to be fixed.

Your second option is to find a third-party service provider for the repairs, but if Apple provides the replacement, you will have a warranty good for one year even if your warranty has expired. Within that time frame, you won’t pay a single dime for additional repair costs. If you choose a third-party repair company, you could say goodbye to your warranty.

Cellphone Repair Phoenix AZ

On the bright side of things, third-party services are just as good as the company from Apple. iPad Replacement Screen Phoenix provides screen replacements while you wait. Other than screen repairs, we also provide service for various Apple products.

What are the typical screen cracks on an iPad?

One of the worst things that could happen to your device is spot a crack on your screen. You can’t help but close your eyes and think that it would not have any damage. iPad cracks are unique and have different levels of severity. Customers might be able to relate to this kind of experience.

Tiny crack

This kind of scenario is barely noticeable because of the size. It is mainly found on the corners of the device due to accidents or bumps. The best solution is to do nothing. Fix Screen iPad Phoenix offers protection for your screen. It comes in a variety of protection that is suited to your lifestyle. Keep in mind to monitor the crack and notice its progression. It’s always a good thing to invest in a screen protector to prevent cracks from occurring, and you can also add casing for your iPad to double the protection.

Spreading cracks

This is never a good sign, but you can still use your iPad usually. You can still use your iPad and still browse some apps. It’s worth mentioning that you have to monitor the crack’s progression because the possibility is highly likely.

Cracks that meet from both sides

There is where you have to brace yourself for what the pain it’s going to cost you. These cracks spread from the side or the bottom of your iPad; they are deep. With prolonged use, the situation becomes even worse. Before this happens, you should be able to save up for future repairs.

Elongated cracks that change color

With this kind of crack, it will be harder to use your iPad; these cracks distort the screen and make it impossible to see. The only solution is getting your screen replaced, and who better to do it is no other than iPad Replacement Screen Phoenix.

Multiple cracks that hinder the touchscreen from functioning

The is every iPad user’s worst nightmare. As the cracks start to affect to touchscreen capability of your device, your iPad won’t be able to function even if you keep on touching your device. This would mean that it is damaged beyond repair; consider replacing your iPad.

Trust iPad Replacement Screen Phoenix for your repairs

While your device has minimal cracks, don’t wait for it to become worse. Do the next best thing and call iPad Replacement Screen Phoenix to save your device. Our staff has been working with different Apple products, and they know their way around replacements and repairs. Do the right thing, be a responsible owner. Call us! We can help you prevent your device from ceasing its function.

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